A lavish trip is a desire of every traveler. Thus, there are numerous luxury trains in India that are praised for providing a memorable luxurious trip to the guests. To make their experience more contend, here are some of the handy travel tips that you could take into consideration while travelling across India.

Indian Luxury Train
Indian Luxury Train

• Make sure you fill the arrival card and your passport has the arrival stamp.

• Before you leave the customer care desk, exchange your currency. Do not forget to keep the receipt safely as that will help in reconverting the unspent amount.

• Luggage carts are absolutely free, do not pay anyone for the cart, nor provide any tip for this.

• There is a green and a red channel in Indian customs. Go for the Green Channel only if you are sure of not carrying any commodity that is dutiable in India. In case of carrying any dutiable item such as camera, and intend to take it back, do make sure you inform the customs officer about the same and let them make relevant entry in the passport.

• Before leaving the counter, check your baggage for any damage. In case of any damage, file an immediate claim and do not forget to get the report before making an exit from the airport.

• The local transportation or the taxis available outside the airport may charge you relatively high. Thus, it is advisable to prefer the prepaid taxis. While travelling through any public transport, make sure you ask the local fare and pay the same amount.

• Book room in advance in any reputed hotel as this will prevent last minute disheartenment. Nowadays, online booking is also provided almost all hotels of different accommodation types.

• If you know English, it would be of great help as this language is spoken and understood widely in India.

• Advance booking of tickets is suggested for the tourists, further travelling by air or train. For proper arrangements, you may also contact approved travel agents.

• You may explore the richness of India on your own, or choose a tour operator. The operator will not only take care of the arrangements to visit the important attractions but also for the accommodation and meals.

• For hygienic reasons, it is suggested to take packaged drinking water as tap water may lead to stomach upsets.

• Do carry medicines along. Antibiotics for stomach upsets, flu, fever, and common infections.

• As the banks in India are functional between 10:00am to 3:00pm, visit banks during these hours if you need to deal with an exchange or currency.

• Big and popular establishments accept the International Credit Cards.

• When visiting any mosque or temple, always enter the premises barefoot. The females should cover their head while making prayers.

• Make sure that you have kept all the travel documents properly and never hand them to anyone. Also make several copies of the documents and store them separately. Use the inside pockets to keep the cash and credit cards safe and secure.

• When it comes to tipping in India, do not tip auto-rickshaw drivers or taxi drivers. If you go to any restaurant, a tip of 10% would be just perfect.

• If you opt for shopping at roadside markets, either make the best of your bargaining skills or go with any local resident to guide you while shopping at the roadside markets.

• Take care of your belongings and do not keep them unattended in public spaces.

• Be very careful while being in crowds as there may be pickpockets.