Golden Chariot Destinations

3 itineraries offered by the operators of the Golden Chariot train cover some of the most prominent tourist destinations in 3 South Indian states – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala – along with the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Detail of the attractions included in the destinations covered during the luxury train tour along with a brief introduction to introduce you to the history and significance of the destinations are mentioned below.


Bangalore: The Garden City

The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore is a melting point of traditions and modernity. While on one hand it is known as the Silicon Valley of India, it, on the other hand also boasts of a colorful historical past remnants of which can still be seen throughout the city. Bangalore is located on the Deccan Plateau and flaunts a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons.

Bangalore is one of the best cosmopolitan cities in India and the capital city of the state of Karnataka. It is one of the very popular destinations in the country and guests visiting South India definitely make it a point to visit Bangalore to explore its various tourist attractions. Bangalore was founded by Kempe Gouda I in the year 1537. However, traces of the inhabitants living here hint towards the fact that people have been living here since ages. The different dynasties that ruled over this place have left behind several monumental wonders feast and marvel at their originality and vision. Although the present name of this city is Bengaluru, it is nevertheless still popular by its previous name.


Mysore: The Traditional Empire

Mysore is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka and located just about 150 km from the capital city of Bangalore.

The history of Mysore can be traced back to the ancient times when it was under the rule of the demon king, Mahishasura. It is after the name of the king Mahishasura that the city has come to be known by, although there have been several alterations and revisions regarding the same.

Mysore is more fondly known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, owing to the number of culture centers and art marvels that are scattered across the place.


Hampi: The Lost World

Guests interested in learning about the architectural heritage of India could never afford to miss a trip to Hampi in Karnataka. Located in the northern part of the state, Hampi is a small village that once housed the capital of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire. Today it houses the magnificent ruins of the yesteryears and the Virupaksha temple is the most popular and the most sacred religious site in the place.

There are a number of religious places scattered all over Hampi and devotees and visitors alike, fill it up all through the day. The Hindu temples housed here are brilliant examples of architectural excellence and though in ruins, they nevertheless manage to amaze the onlookers. Some of the most popular sites housed here are Virupaksha temple, Tiruvengalanatha temple, Anjeyanadri Hills, Ugra Narasimha, Vittala temple, Zenana enclosure and even the archaeological museum in Kamalapura.

Belur Destination

Belur: Beacon of Tradition

Halebidu and Belur are famous temple destinations in the country, located in Karnataka. Belur is visited by thousands of devotees and visitors throughout the year who come here to offer their prayers as well as marvel at the architectural brilliance of the temples. Owing to this fact, the town is fondly referred to as the Southern Benaras. Belur is an ancient town, its origination dating back to the Hoysala rule during the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

Belur, together with the city of Halebidu, offers itself as a fantastic tourist spot, both for religious tourists as well as the leisure tourists. The vast numbers of Hindu temples that are housed within this city are tranquil places to sit in solace and be one with God. Depicting primarily the elegance and styles of the Hoysala Empire, the temples in Belur are unique and unparallel in the country. The Chennakesava temple and the Veeranarayana temple are the most popular ones to name.

Badami: Classical Tales

Badami: Classical Tales

Located around the picturesque landscape of the Agastya Lake, Badami is a fondly frequented tourist destination in Karnataka. History mentions that it was the capital of the Chalukya kings that ruled over this land from fifth to seventh century AD. There is an interesting fable that goes about how this place came to be known as Vatapi-a name that it had in the ancient times. It is believed that in these lands lived two demons by the name Vatapi and Ilvala. They were very wicked and killed several mendicants by deception.

Ilvala was blessed with a boon that whoever he calls would return even from the nether world. And it is of this feature that they took advantage to kill the innocent people. Vatapi would turn himself into a ram and its meat, Ilvala offered to the strangers. As soon as they would have it, Ilvala would call out for Vatapi and the latter would emerge ripping through the body of the victim. They succeeded in this pursuit till one day they came across Sage Agastya. The sage ate up Vatapi and quickly digested him even before Ilvala could call out for him thus putting an end to the torment of the demons. Badami offers to the visitors a blend of cave temples, forts and even museums for the tourists to come and feast on. The Bhutanatha temple, the Badami Fort, the Mallikarjuna temple and the temple of Banashankari are a few to name in the order. The mesmerizing beauty of the place is beautifully reflected through the antique architectural patterns and designs.

Goa Adventure

Goa: The Tiny Emerald

Goa is a land of the Sun, the beaches, the adventure activities and the quaint ambience and also of distinct traditions and customs. all in the same breath. Guests visiting Goa quintessentially return back home wanting for more. The charisma and charm that accompanies the place almost casts a magic spell on anyone who comes to this place. Be it the history of the place or the geography, the language or the customs. Goa entices one and all.

On a sojourn of this place, the traveler is treated to traditional Indian hospitality in the most unique way. The festivals and carnivals that are held here throughout the year offer one a better understanding of the lives of the Goans. Located in the Konkan region of India, its proximity to the Arabian Sea attracted many merchant communities to come and settle here, thus paving the way for several faiths and cultures to come and exist here.


Mahabalipuram: Shore Temples

Traditionally known as Mahabalipuram, Mamallapuram is one of the most popular destinations in Tamil Nadu, renowned for its architectural wonders. Once a medieval port city (the town dates back to the 7th century), today, Mamallapuram is fondly visited by devotees and tourists alike who come here to worship in the ancient temples that are housed here. The city is located at a distance of just about 60 km from the capital city of the state, Tamil Nadu.

Guests traveling to this south Indian town can savor on the spectacular man-made and natural wonders that are housed here. Top tourist attractions in Mamallapuram include names such as the Shore Temple, Five Rathas, Tiger’s Cave, and Arjuna’s Penance etc. besides the local attractions; this town is also a wonderful base from where a number of excursions to the nearby areas can be organized. This includes trips to Cove Long beach, Crocodile Banks, and Kanchipuram.


Thanjavur: City of Temples

Tanjai or Tanjore – there are many names for the one marvelous Indian city – Thanjavur. Located in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is a grand destination that celebrates south Indian art and architecture in the highest magnitude of the terms. Owing to its architecturally extravagant monuments, Thanjavur is a not-to-be-missed destination in this circuit.

Thanjavur is home to several eminent dancers, singers, and artists and this fact makes the city all the more special. Bronze metal products, musical instruments, and Thanjavur paintings are the most renowned elements associated with the place and excellent souvenirs to be carried back home. There are many places in this Tamil city that guests can visit. The shrine of Ganapati, the shrine of Chandeeswara, Thanjavur Palace, Thanjavur Church and the shrine of Sri Subramanya are a few of the most notable places of interest to name here. Each of these locations highlights the glorious history of the place and the architectural examples that they present are to be seen to be believed.

Kochi: Grand Legacy

Kochi: Grand Legacy

Located in the state of Kerala, Kochi is one of the popular holiday destinations in the Indian sub-continent owing to its close proximity to the serene backwaters. This city was formerly known as Cochin and is primarily a wonderful base from where most excursions and sightseeing trips across the state of Kerala begin. No wonder it is referred to as the gateway to Kerala.

Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi Beach, Vasco House and Jewish Synagogue are a few of the popular destinations within Kochi that are not worth a miss.