If you are interested in exploring the natural and cultural treasure troves of South India, then one of the most exciting and luxurious options available is the Golden Chariot train. Adjudged as one of the seven best luxury rail journeys in the world by Vanity Fair Magazine, Golden Chariot is a spectacular blend of traditional Indian  hospitality and cosmopolitan refinement.

Golden Chariot Train
Golden chariot Luxury Train

This Indian luxury train is a joint initiative of the Karnataka State Tourism and Development Corporation (KSTDC) and the Indian Railways and derives its name from the stone chariots in Hampi. The two tastefully crafted itineraries of this train- Pride of the South and Splendor of the South- unearths the mystifying hues of the southern region of India. This rests the general overview of this luxury tourist train.

From here onwards, I will mention a few reasons that will surely persuade you to buy the ticket to the Golden Chariot train. The ticket price starts from $440 per person per night. Read on…

Nala Dining Car

1)      The first reason is that the Golden Chariot is an all encompassing journey that covers some of the most spectacular destinations in the South Indian states of Kerala, Tamil  Nadu and Karnataka.

2)      The second reason is that you will be travelling on board the Golden Chariot-which is a virtual five star hotel. It has 44 guest cabins segregated as 26 twin bed cabins, 17 double bed cabins and 1 disabled friendly cabin. Golden Chariot was the first luxury train to introduce the cabin facility for physically disabled. Besides guest cabins, the train has 2 gourmet restaurants, a bar and lounge, a 30-seater business center, a gymnasium and wellness spa.

Golden Chariot Train Cabins
Golden Chariot Train Cabins

3)      The third reason is that the two week long journeys of this luxury tourist train has been designed in a way that you travel overnight and explore new destinations every day. The duration of 8 days and 7 nights is just a perfect duration to take a break from the dynamics of daily life. It will neither make you feel rushed nor let your work suffer.

4)       The fourth reason is the train staff, which is one of the best you have ever seen. They are competent, caring, compliant and always smiling.

5)      The fifth reason is that the tariff of this week long journey is $ 3080 is quite low as compared to a five star hotel. In the same price, you will only get a guest room at a five star hotel for the next 7 days.

Ruchi Restaurant

This completes the list of reasons. Before concluding this blog, I would like to mention a news piece here about the Golden Chariot train. Karnataka State Tourism and Development Corporation (KSTDC), the owners of this Indian luxury train are planning to add Andhra Pradesh to their present itinerary. This initiative has been taken on the special request of the Minister of State Tourism ‘Dr K. Chiranjeevi’. Since he started his political career from Andhra Pradesh, he wants to promote it as a tourist destination.