There is a popular saying in India that “at every mile water changes and at every 3 miles language changes”. The aforementioned saying explains the natural and cultural diversity of India which is hardly found anywhere else in the world. Breathing in the aroma of natural beauty, varied cultures, glorious history and firm religious values, the tastefully crafted itineraries of the Golden Chariot through the sublime terrains of south India allow travelers to come face to face with the treasures of this region.

Golden Chariot exterior

While most of the travelers are awed by the allure of its breathtaking hills, palm fringed backwaters and immaculate beaches, for many a trip to south India is all about the exploration of culture and heritage.  Golden Chariot, south India’s first and only luxury tourist train, allows guests to explore the natural and cultural treasure troves of south India in sheer opulence.

The Golden Chariot train has been designed to provide guests with comforts at par with five star hotels with a tasteful blend of ethnicity which is well reflected in the interior décor of its 11 coaches named after a different dynasty that has ruled the region in the past. The ceiling and windowpanes of these coaches showcases intricate carvings reminiscent of the architectural traditions of Hoysala and Mysore school of art.

Golden Chariot bedroom

Dining facilities aboard this Indian luxury train are magnificent to the hilt. The mythical characters and ancient terms have also found place in the motif of the restaurants and bars present on board. An array of mouth-tingling cuisines is prepared under the scrutiny of master chefs to gourmet dining experience to the guests in a splendid ambience. Moreover the idea of sipping your favorite wine in a crystal glass in the quaint and nonchalant ambience of Madira bar is a great way to revive your ‘high spirits’.

With its two itineraries – Pride of the South and Splendor of the South – the Golden Chariot takes guests on a roller coaster ride across historical landmarks and magnificent landscapes of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Whereas Pride of the South traverses the course of medieval and contemporary destinations in Karnataka, the Splendor of the South will let you explore the temples cities of Tamil Nadu along with the backwater heaven of Kerala.

Golden Chariot dining

A journey aboard Golden Chariot not only ensures that leisure out in the lap of sheer luxury but also takes you to some enchanting and illuminating destinations in Karnataka. Hence it would not be an overstatement to say that a grand way to explore the treasure troves of south India has arrived in India with the advent of Golden Chariot on the scene.