The historical, cultural and aesthetical significance of the 4 top destinations on the journey of the Golden Chariot…


Kathakali artists
Kerala’s Cultural Arts – Kathakali Artists

The backwaters, the tropical climate, the greenery, the wonderful wildlife- it takes a lot of self-persuasion to return from God’s own country. There is never a dull moment during your visit to Kerala. If the sights and sounds of the tropical countryside don’t row your boat, wonderful monuments from the colonial era will surely do. If you plan your visit to Kerala during winters, you might catch the odd boat race.


goa beach
Goa Beach

An extension of Portugal in the east, everything about Goa, in some way or the other, bears some connection to its erstwhile avatar as a Portuguese colony. The sun kissed beaches, the friendly ocean, adventure sports such as para-sailing, water scooters, scuba diving and lots of fun filled activities make the beach state a traveler’s paradise. Goa is thronged by international visitors all through the year. Again, winters are the best time to visit see around and a visit to the Sundance party a must around New Year’s Eve.


Hampi, Karnataka

Quaint and subdued. No other words could describe Hampi better. A small, forgotten village in the state of Karnataka in close proximity to ruins of Vijayanagara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site- you can excuse yourself for loosing track of time here. Famous for its temples, Hampi is the perfect destination for a quiet time.


Mysore Palace

The second largest city of Karnataka has been rightfully called the “cultural capital of Karnataka”. Famous for the imperial Mysore Palace, the divine Chamundi Hill and the delicious Mysore Pak, Mysore attracts the most tourists during the festival of Dasara in October, when the entire city goes into a celebratory mode.

The Golden Chariot has all the above cities as its destinations for its journeys.